Why attend the Coworking conference in Berlin?

lab121 is an Italian startup that deals with professional collaboration and coworking since January 2011 … we really are at the beginning of the way!

However, anyone involved in coworking knows that practicing activity in this field speeds up the learning curve and experience exponentially! How? The energy of coworkers, their skills and ideas are like gasoline on fire!

lab121 is a nonprofit association that provides a web site to develope networking, organize monthly meetings for professional collaboration, a radio program and a coworking center (coming soon!).

The real magic? the Members!
lab121 partners are involved in the drafting of the newsletter through the blog, the coworkers are the main protagonists of the meetings (business speedmeeting, training courses), they speak about their business on the radio, they share their ideas and projects… the coworkers are doing the project of their own coworking centre!

lab121 is going to attend the Berlin Conference Coworking to bring Italians coworkers in Europe! .. and who knows where they will bring us … 😉