The italian lab121 jellyweek: how did it go?

After a bit more than one month from the association inauguration, our coworking center has been catapulted from a local development reality to a GLOBAL perspective one. This important growth has been stimulated by the participation to the jellyweek in 19th January 2012. 

The cooperation with Anni Roolf, coordinator of the worldwide coworking event, starts during the European coworking conference, held in Berlin the last November 2011. The consequent projects of cooperation and sharing drove lab121 to be the ambassador for the Italian jellyweek.

On 19th January 2012 more than 7 coworking Italian centers gave free entrance of their own space to all of those wishing to work on their own projects or to participate to the jellyweek program. In the meantime other events have took place, beside the official program. During the event in Alessandria remained open all day long from 9 to 21; new coworkers took the chance to test our coworking space in order to work on their own projects or even to participate to the jellyweek program, which includes the coworking manifesto drafting, the jellyweek logo restyling and the international exchange program.  

The jellyweek manifesto and logo restyling will be shared with the worldwide coworking community in order to find shared and co-created solutions. The international mobility project it’s a 2013 objective, with the aim to create an exchange program and training  for the worldwide coworking centers.   

Jellyweek represented also a good occasion to celebrate the partnership between lab121 and BizDojo, a coworking center placed in Auckland (New-Zealand)