Restyling jelly’s logo – 19 January #jellyweek 2012

The jellyweek it’s a great opportunity to discuss on different items, one of them is the restyling of the Jelly’s logo. In particular Mattia from 22a22 in Florence promotes this discussion through the social media on the 19th January from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The designers of lab121 will work at the restyling of the jelly’s logo too!

You can follow the realization of the new logo proposal and participate to create it by using the twitter hashtags #jellyweekIT #codesign

Let’s design it together!

The italian centres + new Zealand will participate to the discussion by giving a free entrance to their coworking spaces and by discussing on


skype & twitter

@lab121coworking skype: aps.lab121
@tlbxcoworking skype:toolboxcoworking
@pietrocordelli skype: cordelliad
@22a22 cowodesign
skype: spazio360
@talentgardenit skype davidedattoli
@bizdojo skype nick.bizdojo & Katherine_field