Exchange program – 19 January 2012 #jellyweek

On the 19th January the italian coworking centres promote the development of an “Exchange program” between the jellyweek participants.

You can sign your coworking space with a red pin = jelly exchange program on the jelly map.

Sign your coworking space on the map to participate to the worldwide coworking exchange program!
Write on the map if you give the opportunity to other coworkers to come to your space for one week up to 1 month of coworking training.

Please specify name/adress/main activities of your coworking space and a referee for the coworking exchange and training.

On the 19 January from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., during the #jellyweek we have the opportunity to start a worldwide coworking exchange program/training.

Let’s do it together!

The italian centres + new Zealand will participate to the discussion by giving a free entrance to their coworking spaces and by discussing on

Official twitter hashtag #jellyweekIT


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